<FONT COLOR="#0000A0">Real Estate 3 Kit<BR><I>(Usual Demand Letters) </I></FONT>

>>>Includes English and French versions

Leading legal authors:
Vincent Allard, attorney
Richard Pigeon, attorney

This kit includes the following Jurifax products:

  • 4 business forms
    • Formal Notice (for residential rent arrears) (#5401)
    • Formal Notice (for commercial rent arrears) (#5402)
    • Formal Notice (for latent defects) (#5404)
    • Formal Notice (for damages) (#5406)

  • 2 legal information letters
    • Formal Notice (#8616)
    • Mention "Without Prejudice" (#8618)
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  • is compressed in .zip format in order to facilitate its download and may be decompressed with WinZip shareware;
  • is in Word for Windows.

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